BSTC Rajasthan GK Question Test -1

BSTC Rajasthan GK Question Test -1

In this post we are going to provide Rajasthan BSTC Test Series / Online Mock Test / mcq / quiz Important Questions.

BSTC Rajasthan GK Question Test

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हिन्दी में पढ़े :-

Q) 1. Which type of rocks is made up of Vindhyan ledge region in Rajasthan?


(A) Granite

(B) Quartzite

(C) sandstone

(D) basalt


Answer:- C

Q) 2. In which of the following districts of Rajasthan is the ‘Chhappan’s plain extended?


(A) Kota-Baran

(B) Jalore-Pali

(C) Jaisalmer-Barmer

(D) Banswara- Dungarpur


Answer:- D


Q) 3. The temperature of Mount Abu in summer is lower than other places of Rajasthan, because


(A) Mount Abu in Rajasthan has the longest distance from the beach.

(B) The effect of monsoon winds is more in Mount Abu

(C) Mount Abu is situated at a higher altitude. Is.

(D) Atmospheric pressure is low over Mount Abu.


Answer:- C


Q) 4.Who among the following was never the Chief Minister of Rajasthan?


(A) Hiralal Devpura

(B) C.S. venkatachari

(C) Gokul Lal Asawa

(D) Barkatullah Khan


Answer:- C


Q) 5.National Algebraic Spices Research Center is located at


(A) In Tabiji, Ajmer

(B) in Lalgarh, Bikaner

(C) in Sever, Bharatpur

(D) Durgapura, Jaipur


Answer:- A


Q) 6. The biggest contributor to the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Rajasthan is the sector


(A) Agriculture Sector

(B) Industry Sector

(C) Service Sector

(D) Industry and Mining Sector

Answer:- C


Q) 7.Which of the following pair is not correct? (Ancient Zone) (Modern District/District)


(A) Matsya Desh – Alwar and Bharatpur

(B) Jangal Desh – Bikaner

(C) Shiv – Chittorgarh

(D) Tumor Desh – Jalore


Answer:- D


Q) 8.Who among the following is the main female character of “Bisaldev Raso”?


(A) Indumati

(B) Rajmati

(C) Padmini

(D) Deval Devi


Answer:- B


Q) 9. District, in which the Samadhi of Lok Devta Ramdev is situated


(A) Jodhpur

(B) Barmer

(C) Jaisalmer

(D) Bikaner


Answer:- C


Q) 10. In which district of Rajasthan is the temple of Eklingji located?


(A) Udaipur

(B) Jaisalmer

(C) Ajmer

(D) Rajsamand


Answer:- A


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Q) 11. Where is the Ranganatha temple famous for its Gopuram shape, which was built by Seth Pooranmal in 1844 AD, located?

(A) Pushkar
(B) Karauli
(C) Nagaur
(D) in Abu Road

Answer:- A

Q) 12.Which of the following statements about Jaynarayan Vyas is incorrect?

(A) He was an active member of the Marwar Lok Parishad.
(B) He was the editor of ‘Tarun Rajasthan’.
(C) He lost his first Legislative Assembly election in 1951.
(D) He served as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan thrice.

Answer:- D

Q) 13. In which district is the Mehrangarh Museum located?

(A) Alwar
(B) Barmer
(C) Jodhpur
(D) Pali

Answer:- C

Mehrangarh Museum is located in Jodhpur district. Which was built by Rao Jodha. It is currently under and maintained by the Government of Rajasthan.

Q) 14. Tilwara civilization is situated on the bank of which river?

(A) Mahi River
(B) Luni River
(C) Banas River
(D) Chambal River

Answer:- B

Explanation:- Explanation: Tilwara civilization is situated in Barmer district which is on the banks of river Luni.

Q) 15. What is called the Encyclopedia of Indian Sculpture?

(A) Victory Pillar
(B) Kirti Stambh
(C) Jain Temple
(D) Fort

Answer:- A
Explanation:- Construction of Victory Stambh in 1437 AD. Maharana Kumbha got it done on the Malwa conquest, which is also called the Encyclopedia of Indian Sculpture.

Q) 16. Who gave the title of ‘Sawai Raja’ to Sawai Raja Shoor Singh?

(A) Babur
(B) Akbar
(C) Jahangir
(D) Aurangzeb

Answer:- B
Explanation:- Akbar gave the title of Sawai Raja to Sawai King Shoor Singh and the title of Sawai was given to King Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

Q) 17. Which fort is also called the watchdog of the northern border?

(A) Bhatner Durg
(B) Lohagarh Fort
(C) Junagadh Fort
(D) Kumbhalgarh Fort

Answer:- A

Explanation:- Bhatner fort is located in the Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan, which is also called the watchdog of the northern border. It was built by Raja Bhatti of Bhati dynasty.

Q) 18. Which is the five-storey palace built by Sawai Pratap Singh?

(A) Jal Mahal
(B) Hawa Mahal
(C) Chandramahal
(D) Khetri
Answer :- B

Q) 19. When did the war of Chelawas take place in Rajasthan?

(A) December 18, 1855 AD.
(B) March 19, 1857 AD.
(C) September 18, 1857 AD.
(D) August 3, 1857 AD.

Answer:- C

Explanation:- The Battle of Chelawas took place on 18th September, 1857 between the Agent to Governor General Patrick Lawrence and under the leadership of Marwar’s Political Agent Mac Mason and on the other side under the leadership of Kushal Singh, at a place called Chetawas, in which the revolutionaries cut Make Mason’s neck. Hanged at the gate of Auwa Fort. Seeing this, Lawrence ran away. This war is also called the war of black and white.

Q) 20. What was the original name of Pathikji?

(A) Raj Singh
(B) Rajat Singh
(C) Bhupsingh
(D) Sewa Singh

Answer:- C

Explanation:- The original name of Pathikji was Bhupsingh who led the Bijolia peasant movement between 1916 and 1927 at the behest of Sadhu Sitaram. He was a native of Uttar Pradesh.

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